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Here are some great people/local businesses that I know very closely & am happy to recommend 
(Nah, not a sponsored advertisement. Not coerced too.)
Let's all support local businesses by not asking for discount
(but you can quote "pottery jungle" for extra/special services (haha))
A homegrown national archer, who also happens to be my brother, found his passion in archery 13 years ago.
He has built his archery school from scratch, and his aim (pun intended) is to share his experience and skills with everyone who is interested in archery. The school offers leisure and competitive shooting classes and experiences. Best of all, they are suitable for all ages!
Contact: Salt & Light Archery
In this age, whether you are a office worker, or a Grab driver, or someone who works in the workshop like me, financial security is of utmost importance. I am blessed to have trusty Leexe&co for taking care of all these so that I can spend all my time in my business - worry free.
Contact: Leexe and Co
Singapore's award-winning gymnastics school has been coaching children and youth of all abilities since 2003. They have expanded to 3 branches locally, and 1 branch in Bali, Indonesia.
Their passionate coaches, well-equipped gymnasiums, and structured programmes makes learning gymnastics extremely safe and fun!
They aim to allow all students to achieve their physical potential through doing gymnastics.
Contact: BazGym Gymnastics School
I am a sucker for cute tote bags and I am blessed to be surrounded by this talented friend who designs bags, pouches and more! Every piece are hand sewed. They come in many different sizes and designs! Do check them out!
Contact: The Everyday Club
Yes, once again - cute and pretty stuff are my love! Locally designed pins, charms and stickers by my dear friend. His designs are unique and can only be found in his store! 
Contact: D.atlas Studio
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