Paw stamping workshop

Personalize your pet's bowl with their paw 


Bowl will be made by instructor - No prior experience/skill required.

Bowl size: 13cm x 4cm H


3 easy steps:

1. Bring your pet to our studio

2. Stamp pet's paw

3. Choose preferred colour for bowl (instructor will glaze on behalf)

OR you can handpaint bowl on the spot using our in house colour stains



5-10 minutes: Paw stamping

20-30 minutes: Handpaint bowl (optional)


Bowl will be ready in 4-5 weeks time

Collection notification will be send out via sms or email



1. Are the glaze food safe and pet safe?

Yes, all our glazes are safe.


2. How many glazes can I choose from?

4-5 colours. Please take note that glazes will be apply by instructor as bowl needs to be fully dry.


3. If I want to handpaint the bowl, how many colours can i choose? We have 11 colours stains for you to choose.

Refer to colours here:


4. If I want to have more than 1 bowl, can I add on?

Yes, additional bowl is $65 each. You may top up at the studio.



Paw stamping workshop