NDP Bundle PACK 2

Colloborating with our favourite designers to celebrate National Day - only available on this special day! 


Select a locally handmade ware (worth $35-$45), Theverydayclub's handmade pouch (worth $18) and 2 enamel pins from D.atlas Studio (Worth $20-$28).

Grab yours now while stocks last!


Our locally handmade cups

Ware design 1: 7cm x 8cm

Ware design 2: 12cm x 11.5cm

Ware design 3: 8cm x 8cm

Ware design 4: 13cm x 7cm

Ware design 5: 9cm x 6.5cm

Ware design 6: bowl 4.5cm x plate 10cm

Ware design 7: 9cm x 7cm

Ware design 8: 7cm x 7.5cm



The Everyday Club's Pouch

Handmade locally. Completed with branded YKK zippers for longer lasting usage.

All pouches are lined up with an additional inner layer to add on the durability of the item.

Size: Length: 25cm, Height: 19cm


D.atlas Studio's enamel Pin

Designed in Singapore by Darren - inspired by various characters and daily lives.

Size: 3.6cm x 4cm

D1: Fortune Dog

D2: Fortune Piglet

D3: Fortune x Smiley Cat

D4: Fortune x Grumpy Cat

D5: NoFace

D6: Catbus

D7: Bai Long (Japanese Spitz)

D8: Kiki The Delivery Feline

D9: Totoro - Shiba Inu

NDP Bundle PACK 2

Ware design
Pouch Design
#1 Pin
#2 Pin

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