I Love Pottery Workshop is an one time off workshop open to public - conducts 2-3 times a month over the weekend, public holiday and school holidays. It is a great family and friends bonding activity! Escape to our pottery jungle, enjoy the nature and learn new skills! 


I love pottery workshop offers 2 different packages for all ages and no prior experience required.


All workshops start with an opening by our instructors, follows by a demonstration on potter's wheel - allowing you to have a closer view of how a bowl/cup is made on the spinning wheel. 


Through this 2-2.5 hrs workshop, you will learn:

1.  An introductory to pottery making.

2. Learn the basic techniques of hand building and glazing.

3. Introduction of pottery wheel & experience on the wheel.


Adult : $60 

Child (7 years old & above) : $50 

Parent + Child (6 years old & below) : $65


Outcome: 1 handbuilding art work & 1 potter's wheel art work


What’s Hand building & Potters wheel?

1. Hand building - we will be teaching basic technique of hand building e.g.: slab work, pinching, coiling, rolling.

(Art piece: Penholder / Mug / Plate / Planter / Others)


2. Potter wheel - Throwing is one of the pottery making techniques, it can be pretty challenging but just give it a try! Our experienced instructor will assist you to make a bowl/cup/mini vase. After guiding, you will try out on your own!


All materials provided and no prior experience required. 


Just want to try out how pottery making is like?
Don't worry, you can try out hand building workshop only


Please registering our workshop, please read our t&c here

Wuhan coronavirus notice: please read here 


** Please select "Workshop purchase" at the checkout to avoid shipping fee. Please note that we do not ship your art pieces. You can arrange your courier 3-4 weeks later.


** Due to new covid-19 regularations and for everyone's safety, slots per workshop will be limited. (10 slots for $50/$60/$65 package, 10 slots for $28/$35/$45 package)

Mainly handbuilding will be in another private studio.


Safety measures:

Instructor(s) will be wearing face shield + mask.

Duration will be shorten to 2 hours.

Group size will be small (5pax per corner of studio 2m apart)

Safe distancing and personal hygiene will be practised. Thank you for all your kind understanding. ***

Hand Building + Potter's wheel


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