Hand Building + Potter's wheel


I Love Pottery Workshop is an one time off workshop open to public - conducts 2-3 times a month over the weekend, public holiday and school holidays. It is a great family and friends bonding activity! Escape to our pottery jungle, enjoy the nature and learn new skills! 


I love pottery workshop offers 2 different packages for all ages and no prior experience required.


All workshops start with an introduction of the oldest dragon kiln in Singapore - How it functions, its heritage and participants get to tour in the kiln during their free time.


Through this 2-2.5 hrs workshop, you will learn:

1.  An introductory to pottery making.

2. Learn the basic techniques of hand building and glazing.

3. Introduction of pottery wheel & experience on the wheel.


Adult : $60 

Child (7 years old & above) : $50 

Parent + Child (6 years old & below) : $65


What’s Hand building & Potters wheel?

1. Hand building - we will be teaching basic technique of hand building e.g.: slab work, pinching, coiling, rolling.

(Art piece: Penholder / Mug / Plate / Planter / Others)


2. Potter wheel - Throwing is one of the pottery making techniques, it can be pretty challenging but just give it a try! Our experienced instructor will assist you to make a bowl/cup/mini vase. After guiding, you will try out on your own!


All materials provided and no prior experience required. 


Please registering our workshop, please read our t&c here


** Please select "Workshop purchase" at the checkout to avoid shipping fee. Please note that we do not ship your art pieces. You can arrange your courier 3-4 weeks later.


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