**Experiment | reuse x recycle marbling

Size: Cup: approx: 7.5cm x 8.5cm

Bowl: 8cm x 6cm


These are experiment pieces I did using trimmed marbling clay - so I was trimming my marbling cups, tend to have small pieces of trimmed clay. I find these small pieces of clay more beautiful and think it’s wasteful to wedge it. (As it turn into awful colour. So using these small pieces of trimmed coloured clay, I mix it into white clay and lift it up into cup/bowl. It trim off the excess clay from the surface and tadah - it turn into this final piece. I like how unevenness it is and how the small pieces of clay go around the white clay during the lifting process.



Electrical Kiln Fired

Used white x coloured clay x toasted stoneware

Clay Technique: Hand thrown Pieces are hand thrown and glazed individually

Size and shapes may be vary

**Experiment | reuse x recycle marbling

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