Want to master the art of throwing and love the nature? We offer good learning environment, instructor who has more than 11 years of ceramics experience and meet people with common interest!


Module 2/3 consists of 10 sessions | Duration 3 hours | Every Sundays


NEXT CYCLE: To be confirmed


Lesson plan

  • Cylinder
  • Trimming
  • Bowl
  • Round form (Pot)
  • Small dish (Throw off the hump)
  • Throwing on bat
  • Altering & Designing
  • Glazing


Fee is not inclusiveof materials, tools, glazes and firing.


Fee of glazing and firing will be charged acording to size of the artwork.


Price of clay: $24 for 12kg

Price of tools set: $10


** Please select "Workshop purchase" at the checkout to avoid shipping fee. 

Long Term Throwing Course (Module 2 / 3)

  • 1. Where can I park?
    Free parking at our premises


    2. Can my friend comes with me, but she doesn't involve?
    We have a waiting area for non-participant.


    3. After module 1, 2 and 3, what's next?
    You may purchase our 1 year membership ($650) to use the wheel to practise during our operation time.

    OR 1 day usage is $30 (any time between 9am - 5pm)


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