Truly, Singapore

Designed & Made In Singapore by Stella Tan & team.
​Every finished craft here is ​
  • Individually handmade from scratch
  • Beautified using our in-house x lead-free glazes
  • Fired up at a temperature of 1230 to 1260 degree C
  • Food-safe, microwave-safe & dishwasher safe.
 Our range of products reflects our inspiration, which changes ever so frequently (not because we are fickle-minded girls heh.) We may be inspired to do mugs one day, and ring holders another. Thus, every product that you see comes in very limited quantity, and no two products are exactly the same.
So, if you see something that catches your eyes (or connects with your soul), we strongly recommend that you grab it today. 
Support our journey of following our little dream so we can keep producing more interesting artwork for like-minded people like you (:

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