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#cbseries is a series of pots made during circuit breaker in April when workshops were cancelled, shop operation was ceased.


During the period, online store was launched impromptuly- everyday was busier than usual days but to not let myself and my family members eat grass, it's all worthwhile (I swear). Weeks after weeks of taking photos of products and launching batches of Sale online - to a certain point, I was so exhausted.  


I resorted myself to clay making. My second uncle did many big pots for dragon kiln firing (which initially was in May but postponed due to covid19), thus I decided to transform his pots into something colourful,  "ugly yet cute" and allows to bring joy to others

2nd gen x 3rd gen collaboration

These babies are one and only, no repeated. If you like it and which to have a closer look, feel free to message us :)

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